What You Can Do

Lend a Hand to Mend a Heart

You can get involved with us in any of the following ways;

We are organizing a range of events and you can show your support towards 

the community by taking part in them.


You can fund or donate to our cause, volunteer to work with us, 

and last but not least, by spreading the word about us. 

National Transgender Network Sri Lanka

will always appreciate the support you will give for the community.


Let's Make A Difference

"Just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion,

A simple act of kindness can stir the widest ocean..."


Take Part with Us

To Show Your Support and Love

Donate Us

To Make Your Generous Contribution

Volunteer with Us

To Contribute Your Valuable Service 

"A word is just a Word... Till you mean what you say...

And Love isn't Love... Till you give it away..."